There are tribute acts and then there is 'Soul of Santana', top flight musicians who capture all the excitement and energy of this guitar legend and his band at their peak. So often many of the current nostalgia tribute type concerts convincingly deliver what they set out to. But this show will have you reeling in the years for nearly two hours. This Santana tribute band remain loyal to the original song arrangements. Morne Gabriels is totally believable handling vocal styles of the many and varied singers used by Carlos Santana over a period of more than 40 years. The show will take you on a Santana anthology trip playing his greatest hits from 1969 to present day. This band of 'Santana' fanatics, from the UK play the classic songs of this mighty guitarist with true passion, the show keeping his artistic legacy alive. Witness a true rock tribute to the world's greatest Latin-Rock musicians faithfully delivered.