About Soul of Santana - The Tribute

Soul of Santana ~ The Premier Santana Tribute

Getting this tribute show on the road was never going to be easy. Finding the musicians able to do justice to the music of Carlos Santana took over five months, with the line-up you see and hear today finally coming together in August 2015.
Following a period of intense rehearsals and recording sessions, 'Soul of Santana' performed their first shows in 2015. The band remain loyal to the original song arrangements. Excitement and enjoyment aplenty can be expected from a well-realised set that charts Santana's huge commercial success from 1969 to the present.

Tribute band members

The instrumentation used by Santana is all there too: guitars, keyboards, drums and multi-percussion. The Soul of Santana tribute will soon be augmenting their sound with the addition of a brass section. The band, complete with saxes and trumpet can be seen at selected venues.

If you were not familiar with Carlos Santana's music, here is one way to find out as UK tribute band 'Soul of Santana' perform his best-loved songs. From the early days of the debut album 'Santana', the follow-up Abraxas to the shiny, stadium rock of 90's classics such as 'Yaleo', 'Smooth' and Maria Maria' all receive a real good airing. It is class from the off. The arrangements are tight, instrumentation note perfect, and the excitement of Santana live is reproduced with nerve-tingling accuracy. This is the fruit of dedicated Santana fans that play their hearts out.

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