Soul of Santana Show Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

"We have never had a show here where we've had so much positive feed-back about the performers."
Memorial Centre - New Milton

"There are tribute acts and then there is Soul of Santana, awesome musicians who capture all the excitement and energy of Carlos Santana and his band at their peak."
Bournemouth Echo

"Out of this world and worth every single penny. From the moment they came on stage until the end of the last song, Soul of Santana were faultless. We have seen Santana live, and believe me, these guys are as good."
Kent Messenger

"The best tribute act we've seen by a mile."
The Conqueror

"There isn't a more authentic Santana tribute band out there. Excellent attention to detail."
Thanet Extra

"To give a convincing imitation of one of the best bands/artists in the world is no mean feat, but Soul of Santana proved they can do exactly that."
Underground Theatre

"It's all there. Dazzling guitar, brilliant vocals, amazing percussion. I could say they're as good as the real Santana!"
Alexander Centre, Faversham

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