Steve Wyse ~ Drums

Has toured and recorded with bands and musical artists such as The Originals, Radio One's most banned artist Judge Dread, progressive rock bands Gizmo (a band featuring legendary Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper), Andy Fraser (Free) and HPC - modern orchestral. Steve even played a short stint in Sooty's - that's right, the glove puppet's - backing band.

He's performed at many of the UK's top venues plus most major music festivals including Glastonbury.

Followers of the 70's keyboard band Gizmo will remember Steve for playing with flaming drumsticks... "The climax of the show was the fire-blowing and the on-stage explosions... The blazing sticks? We used parafin - it'd never be allowed today."

Steve's drumming is to be heard on radio and in supermarkets throughout the world.

See Steve in action with The UK Santana Tribute Show